Signs the Right is desperate?


Lately I’ve noticed a trend that us Lefties are kinda scratching our heads over the intellectual void known as the Right. Part of it is the whole O’Reilly/Colbert exchange. Colbert’s “he’s a sexual predator–you wouldn’t know anything about that” proves Colbert’s genius, and by genius I mean what I would estimate as a 152 IQ, something else O’Reilly wouldn’t know anything about.

But really, the Dinesh d’Souza thing, the fact that Pammy still blogs, that O’Reilly still has a job, that Fox still has a viewer, these things make the left go hmm.

And then there’s the Alabama TV Weatherman thing.

Oh, he’s the most famous weatherman in Alabama, is ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann. And he has a weather blog. And last week he claimed on his weather blog that it’s just entirely possible that global warming has nothing to do with us humans, that it might be occurring, you know, naturally, in the air, like smog, er, I mean, like clouds n’ stuff.

A certain climate scientist Weather Channel Nazi thinks his license should be revoked for those silly comments, which seems a little harsh…

So then The Drudge Report comes to his rescue and aid.

And this ALABAMA TV WEATHERMAN is gonna be on Hannity AND Glenn Beck Monday night. No, I’m not making that up.

Desperate to stop Al Gore at ANY COST! It’s an emergency on a global scale!

Notice I didn’t linky to any of the bozos in this particular case. But there is a Birmingham News story I don’t mind linking to. Just so you know I’m not making this up.

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