Where to Buy My Music

Here on this site

Why? Because you get the CD inscribed to you (or whoever you like) by me.  And because buying directly from the artist instead of from a middleman who takes a cut is just plain good karma.

See at the top of the Shortcuts menu on the left?  There’s a button that says "Purchase."  Click on that and you’ll get a choice of "Albums," "Books," and "Posters."  Click on "Albums," and then select the one you want to purchase.  That will take you to a page that has a BUY NOW link at the bottom.  Click on it, and you’re in the shopping cart.

Our only payment option online is through Paypal, eBay’s online bank.  If you don’t want to use Paypal, you can email me from the "contact" button, I will give you a mailing address, and you can pay me by postal money order instead if you like.

Please be sure to give me your shipping address and to whom you’d like your CD (and/or book) inscribed.

If you want to pay by credit card without using Paypal, just go to my CD pages at CDbaby.com.  These pages also offer you two minute samples of the songs: 

CDBaby-What Living’s All About

CDBaby-Music from Living on the Earth

CDBaby-Living in Hawaii Style

If you’d like to download one or more songs or buy a whole CD as a download (without the packaging), here are the links for Apple iTunes and Great Indie Music:

iTunes-Music from Living on the Earth

iTunes-Living in Hawaii Style

iTunes-What Living’s All About

Great Indie Music-Music from Living on the Earth

Great Indie Music-Living in Hawaii Style

Great Indie Music-What Living’s All About 

If you really love the music and want to share about it, send me your comments to post on the listener comment page.  Or, you can post on my CD Baby pages.

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