It's all about us.

Doing the blog round up for Mike at Crooks and Liars, I found a big huge thread I otherwise would have completely missed.

It’s all about the blogosphere, and are we worthy of the term “activist” as it was used in the 60’s.

Yup, it’s activist, alright.

In the midst of this “debate,” the terms, Marx, Marcuse, hippie, academia, “The hard Left” (whatever the hell that is), and that old sawbone, “mostly brainless vacuum cleaner of donations for the Democratic Party” came up.

It’s nice to see, though, that the demographics of the left wing blogosphere are what those of us who do it might expect, rather than how the wide dry paintbrush of David Broder and other MSM juicy farts would paint us.

According to Chris Bowers, most of us have advanced degrees (check), are an average age of around 45 (excuse me, I have exactly 540 more days before that landmark, thank you very much). We also have extensive activist experience (I shook Ted Kennedy’s hand at 18 and haven’t really washed under the nails since), and we’ve got an extremely high level of news consumption (Does reading a MyDD article about the left-wing blogosphere count? Just asking.) . Gee, if this description were any closer to home, I’d be Time’s Person of the Year.


Clearly Murray Waas’ “new” “blog” is the go-to addy for the hilarity that is Scooter Libby jury selection.

It’s a rare day indeed when the funniest thing I KNOW I’m gonna hear all week is Nina Totenburg on NPR.


I’m in the digesting stage of launching a real career in freelance writing and I have a question for all of you as I prepare a query letter. (yes, Shunra, a real query letter.) Back to the navel gazing for a minute: What do you think the impact of SMALL blogs (not Kos, MyDD, C&L, or Eschaton. SMALL blogs.) is on the cultural conversation? (I know, Hillary is at the brink of ruining that “conversation” word for us for a decade. Still.) Think about it and leave a write-up in comments. And thanks.

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