I'm it? Think again.

Blue Gal, as a rule, follows the guidelines of Omnipotent Poobah’s Anti-Tagging League.

But dammit if her Captain didn’t ask this time. So here goes.

Five things about me. One of which may not be true:

1. Famous Knitter Meg Swanson has posed for a picture wearing a sweater I knit. The picture is hanging on my refrigerator.

2. During senior year in college I had breakfast several times with former Presidential candidate John Anderson, usually just the two of us.

3. During freshman year in college I watched Qwerty fall backwards into a snowbank. At one point I also danced with him while I hummed “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody.”

4. I met Mr and Mrs. John Kerry at a Democratic soiree in Pittsburgh three years before he announced his candidacy for President. Theresa Heinz Kerry told me my hair was “really nice.”

5. I didn’t drive a car or even have a license until I was 32. Some “things” I didn’t do until I was 26. But driving a car was 32.

Everybody but Qwerty, who knows me too well, can leave a guess as to which one of the above is false, in comments. Yes, number three is true.

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