Four true, one false, thing about me.

1. Famous Knitter Meg Swanson has posed for a picture wearing a sweater I knit. The picture is hanging on my refrigerator.

True. I went to her knitter’s camp in 2003. I wore a sweater knit in one of her yarns, she tried it on, I burst out crying. I was pregnant with number 3 at the time, so that’s my excuse for the tears, but really it was Meg wearing a sweater I knit with my own two hands. I could die.

2. During senior year in college I had breakfast several times with former Presidential candidate John Anderson, usually just the two of us.

True. He was a visiting professor at Brandeis and ate breakfast in the cafeteria. I was one of the only students on campus with the wherewithal and guts to approach him and ask to join him. He was one of the first people on the planet to find out I had gotten into Harvard Graduate School, too. Nice, smart guy, and one of the best breakfast partners I’ve ever had (ahem).

3. During freshman year in college I watched Qwerty fall backwards into a snowbank. At one point I also danced with him while I hummed “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody.”

True. Qwerty and I went to Brandeis together. He had such a mop of hair in Winter ’81, I can’t tell you. We’ve been friends for over 25 years? Jeebus. He’s also the only housemate I ever had, male or female, who mopped the kitchen floor because he noticed it was dirty. (Fellow Cancerian, natch.)

4. I met Mr and Mrs. John Kerry at a Democratic soiree in Pittsburgh three years before he announced his candidacy for President. Theresa Heinz Kerry told me my hair was “really nice.”

Nope. Never met either of them, though my parents do live in Pittsburgh. I do have nice hair, but Theresa doesn’t know it.

5. I didn’t drive a car or even have a license until I was 32. Some “things” I didn’t do until I was 26. But driving a car was 32.

Knitting at 18. Car at 32. Let the record show.

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