I’m not sure I’ll even publish this post but it’s on my mind so I’m typing it up.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about Pammy at Atlashrugs and actually reading her blog which I’ve just got to stop. It’s like a car wreck. But I came across this photo of her and I just can’t erase it from my brain.

It’s got me thinking about conservatism, liberalism, gender, sex, all the things I already blog about.

I am a liberal, and I definitely agree with the C&L commenter who paraphrased Colbert: “Sexual pleasure has a well-known liberal bias.” This blog is no stranger to anal sex jokes, and you could tell me one right now and I’d laugh my butt off, no pun intended.

By the way, on another C&L thread we’ve determined that that snot that comes out of your butt when you sneeze and fart at the same time? It will henceforth be known as “JudyMiller,” not to be confused with “Santorum.” Pass it on.

But seriously, folks, I’m a liberal gal, and you know I be lovin’ the panties, but no woman is wearing the panties on my blog. It’s a line I draw here, and it’s a conservative line. I wouldn’t let my breasts hang out like that, either, out of a sense of decorum, and what is attractive and what is decidedly not the pretty way to display my, um, bodacious rack. I mean, yeah, you could probably put two Pammies on the scale to balance one Blue Gal too. She’s got a gym with two TV’s in her house, and I don’t have one TV or a home gym or her pecs, either. I would not trade my spelling skills for her pecs, though.

Some might say I don’t dress like that because I’m a feminist. That’s not it, either, though I trust “self-respect” has some play here.

She’s actually quite pretty, isn’t she? But I think that dress is a challenge to womanhood, and I’m sitting here asking myself if I feel threatened by it, and I’m not sure I like my answer. Still thinking about this. Comments appreciated.

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