Time Again to Campaign for Truthful Election Returns

Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District is a man who perseveres in the good.

For six years now, he has been reintroducing the same resolution to Congress, which always gets over a hundred sponsors, but has yet to pass. It’s called the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act. It is the bottleneck through which our democracy must pass in order to truly serve everyone in the USA.

The bill would require a voter verified paper trail for each vote, hand audits of electronic vote tallies, would create an arms-length relationship between voting machine companies and the laboratories that test their products, and other important reforms.

Voting machine executives vowing victory to the Republican party, voter intimidation and frustration tactics, and other types of election fraud have been rampant in 21st century elections in the USA. We need clear laws to stop this.

Sign the petition to your congressperson.

Learn more about verified voting.

Learn about Clean Elections. (publicly funded elections, so that public officials do not owe favors to big campaign donors).