Cyber Expert Spoonamore Says Voting Machines Manipulate Elections

Please watch and listen to this eight part interview by Velvet Revolution, a voter rights group, with computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore. He discusses the way our votes are counted by Diebold and ES&S tabulators. Spoonamore says he is a Republican, but is horrified by the current vote counting system. He presents, in the eighth section, a workable solution, were the Republican Party willing to have the votes counted honestly.

If you are wondering whether they would, read this article posted on voter rights activist Brad Friedman’s Bradblog. It’s about the honoring on September 11, 2008 of Paul Weyrich for his lifelong contributions by the Republican Party. It includes a video of Weyrich in 1980, instructing 15,000 preachers in Texas that the fewer votes cast, the better for the Republican Party.