Granny D's Gettysburg Address

“Here’s something you may not know or may have forgotten: Saddam Hussein, several weeks before our attack, invited our military to come in and look at anything they wanted to look at. They were invited to come in, fully armed, and look wherever they wanted. Our administration said no thank you. The incredible Mr. Richard Perle, who used to live next door to my late daughter in Washington and who didn’t like my support van parked on the street when I arrived after my long walk, evidently, according to the New York Times of November 6, 2003, went to London to meet on behalf of Mr. Bush with a representative of Iraq who made this offer. No thanks, was the silent response. How is that not treason against this nation and all who have died?”

Read the entire Doris “Granny D” Haddock April 2, 2008 speech here.

“For those of you who don’t know – Granny D (Doris Haddock) is a 97 year old woman who: After the defeat of Senator McCain and Senator Feingold’s first attempt to remove unregulated “soft” money from campaigns in 1995, Doris became interested in campaign reform and led a petition movement. On January 1, 1999–at the age of 89–she began a 3,200–mile walk across the country to demonstrate her concern for the issue . . .

”. . .In 2003, Doris had her eyes on the upcoming election, and so she drove around the country on a 22,000 mile voter registration effort targeting working women and minorities. This trek was cut short in June 2004, when Doris heard that the presumed Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in NH had dropped out of the race days before the filing deadline. 94 years old and still eager to ‘raise a little hell,’ Doris surprised everyone by deciding to challenge the Republican incumbent. Her insurgent, grassroots campaign defied all expectations.” Mary O’Kiersey

“The problem with Granny D…is that she makes the rest of us look like such schlumps.” Molly Ivins