Funding for New Nuclear Power Plants Attached to Alternative Energy Bill (How Cynical is That?)

October 18, 2007 

A major Energy Bill now before Congress contains a clause that could force taxpayers to underwrite construction of an unknown number of new nuclear power plants. This provision is potentially a blank check that could use tens of billions of your tax dollars to burden our nation with yet more indefensible radioactive terror targets and their waste. Please help us remove this clause from the pending Energy Bill, so our money can instead fund the renewable and efficiency technologies that can solve global warming, guarantee a secure economy and create millions of jobs.

Here’s where you can sign a petition asking that the provisions for funding nuclear power plants be dropped from the Energy Bill (it’ll be sent to your Representative and Senators), and then enjoy a video of Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, and Ben Harper singing “For What It’s Worth.”