Go Green – It's the Law

Make energy-efficient technology mandatory, UN expert says

Tuesday September 11, 2007

The best way of tackling greenhouse gas emissions is for countries to pass laws that enforce the use of existing energy-efficient technology, a UN climate change expert said Monday.

“Most of the technology needed to achieve significant reduction of greenhouse gases actually exists, doesn’t have to be invented and actually is competitive commercially,” said Marcel Alers from the UN Development Programme.

“The experts in this area will all tell you that voluntary is nice but if you want impact, it has to be mandatory … And these things do not cost a lot of money,” he told reporters at a climate change conference.

Governments should introduce standards and labels to phase out the use of inefficient electrical products, added Alers, who is part of the UNDP’s Global Environmental Facility.

The European Union’s mandatory standards on low carbon emission refrigerators are “spectacular examples” that have transformed the market in the last 10 years, Alers said.

“Energy efficiency and energy conservation provides the most cost-effective means of achieving emission reduction targets,” said Alers.

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