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So, who is Alicia Bay Laurel?  What does she do, anyway?

I currently tour as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/storyteller, with seven critically acclaimed, self-produced music CDs, one all-original psych folk, one Hawaiian (half original, half historic), one jazz/blues (10 original and 2 standards), one Americana/world music (eleven songs and medleys, of which I wrote two), one of solo instrumental guitar medleys (Americana, blues, psych folk, protest songs and Hawaiian songs), one remastered 1973 archival recording of Ramon Sender Barayon and me performing our original music from our collaborative book, Being of the Sun, and a second all-original album of mostly psych folk, with some swing tunes and blues waltzes for extra color.

My first book, Living on the Earth, is a reference book on how to make all the basics from scratch, and also on utopian commune life in the late ‘60s (college libraries stock it). ItÂ’s a seminal book design with a recognizable (and much imitated) illustration style. First published in 1970, itÂ’s still in print in English and Japanese. In 2012 it was chosen as one of the 101 most influential American cookbooks of the 20th century. (http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/101ClassicCookbooks). The illustrations continue to appear on fashion and other merchandise from Japan. https://www.facebook.com/IndigoWithStarsInc. It’s about living joyously without a lot of money and consumer goods, which means also preserving the environment, living close to nature, and sharing with people.

I have cartons of new condition books, and I will inscribe one for you (or any other person you request) and mail within the USA, all for a mere $20 (more for overseas addresses). My Paypal addie is indigowithstarsinc (at) gmail (dot) com. Reviews and page examples here: http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/LOTEreviewslongago and here: http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/LOTEreviewsrecent

I’ve illustrated nine other books, five of which I also wrote or co-wrote.  I’m planning on creating more books in the years to come.

This site is about my art, music, writing, tours, friends, projects, and activism. Just below is a list of available books, CDs and other luscious Alicia originals for sale, and below that, a blog including my tour diary, healthful recipes, lots of political and environmental heads-ups, and lots of arts and lifestyle articles, in no particular order.

In the upper left corner of the site is a menu with quick links to my press kit (bio, high res photo, press releases). I am working on the getting the online store and shopping cart up again.  For now, just email me through the “Contact” link above if you’d like to buy any of the items below.

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