The Executive Order: A Call to Action

From: G. Edward Griffin and Aaron Russo

On July 17, President Bush signed an Executive order that authorized blocking the use of any property held by anyone he says is a threat to the “stabilization” of Iraq. That means anyone who opposes his Middle East foreign policy now is subject to loss of home, automobiles, savings, investments, and anything else considered as property. Read the document here.

This is about as serious as it gets. There have been many assaults on our freedom in the last few years, but none with such totality and finality as this. We must draw the line in the sand on this issue. The American people must re-discover their indignation, get off their couches, and send a tsunami of protest to Washington. Here are three things you can do:

1. If you don’t already know the name and contact information of your Congressperson and Senators, look it up in Google. Send them a short but explicit message to the effect that you expect them to (1) introduce or support fast-track legislation to rescind the Executive Order issued July 17 relating to blocking property of those who disagree with President Bush’s policy in Iraq and (2) call for impeachment of the President NOW.

2. Make a list of every organization, publication, journalist, web site, talk-show host, and community leader who understands the significance of this Executive Order and send it to us at ge.griffin(at) so we can build a coalition of activists on this issue. Also send them a note or call them in person to urge them to align with the coalition and take action.

3. Send this message to everyone you know.

That’s it. There is no need to explain why this is important, and there is nothing that can be said that would be more motivating than the stark possibility of a police state in which citizens loose their property if they disagree with der Fuhrer (the Leader).

Drop everything else and do this NOW.

G. Edward Griffin and Aaron Russo

Here is a short Keith Olbermann interview video on the Executive Order and impeachment.