Greg Palast: Interview by Scoop Magazine from New Zealand

Scoop Interview with Greg Palast
by Alastair Thompson
Published April 21st, 2007 in Podcasts, Audio Interviews

Over the past decade best-selling author Greg Palast has put the word “investigation” back into US journalism (while working mainly for publications in the United Kingdom). And even if much of the US media steadfastly continue to ignore his remarkable investigations – the fruit of his work is more than apparent in numerous aspects of US political life – most obviously in the growing awareness within the United States of the decay of its democratic processes and massive efforts in recent elections by the GOP to disenfranchise black voters.

A former RICO corruption prosecutor Palast became a journalist a little over 10 years ago. His latest two books The Best Democracy Money can Buy and Armed Madhouse are both New York Times best-sellers and are required reading for any person seriously interested in what is really going on inside the United States.

Scoop’s Alastair Thompson caught up with him today for a wide ranging interview. Click here (Part 1 Part 2) to read the transcript.