Stop Hunting Whales for Meat (or anything else)

Just received from the International Fund for Animal Welfare

Tell True World Foods to Stop Giving Whales a Raw Deal

True World Foods, Inc. (TWF) is the premier sushi quality seafood distributor in the US. In 2006, TWF announced a new partnership with Kyokuyo Co. Ltd., a canned whalemeat provider in Japan, to sell sushi in the US under the brand name “Polar Seas.”

According to True World Foods, its fleet of 230 refrigerated trucks delivers raw fish to 7,000 sushi and fine dining restaurants nationwide. True World Foods may be unaware that Kyokuyo is the world’s largest whalemeat producer, and that it continues to wholeheartedly support Japan’s whaling by purchasing, canning and selling whale products. Likewise, the American clientele of the sushi restaurants and supermarkets supplied by True World Foods are likely unaware that they are supporting a company that is at the heart of the commercial whale hunting industry in Japan.

Please urge True World Foods to persuade its partner Kyokuyo to immediately stop all whalemeat sales and distribution and to shut down the production of canned whalemeat.

Please take action here.