More Insight into the Iraq War

Can Sadr and Sistani Handle Bush?
by Dilip Hiro
Author of Blood of the Earth
April 15, 2007

Mortar attacks on the Green Zone, the American controlled and massively fortified citadel in the heart of Baghdad, were already on the rise when, late last week, a suicide bomber managed to penetrate the Parliament building inside the Zone and kill at least one legislator, while wounding others, in its cafeteria. Some parliamentary representatives were soon declaring the still unfolding American “surge” plan in the capital a dismal failure.

“Someone can walk into our parliament building with bombs. What security do we have?” said Saleh al-Mutlaq, who heads the Sunni National Dialogue Front in the Iraqi parliament.

“The plan is 100% a failure. It’s a complete flop,” said Khalaf al-Ilyan, one of the three leaders of the Iraqi Accordance Front, which holds 44 seats in parliament. “The explosion means that instability and lack of security has reached the Green Zone.”

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