Hawaii's Talk Story Radio – Now Available as Podcasts!

Oh, theyÂ’ve been a long time coming! And now, THEYÂ’RE HERE! Go to the site, download any/all of these 8 Talk Story Radio shows, featuring the tellers & tales of Hawaii & the Paicific Rim (and friends)…and please subscribe, FREE! ThereÂ’ll be many more shows coming a few at a time for a good year to come! YES!


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JEFF GERE hosts TALK STORY RADIO, a weekly show sponsored by the City & County of Honolulu’s Parks Department featuring the tales and tellers of Hawaii (and related friends). No, Hawaii has no snakes – yet. Enjoy, and subscribe!


4 SSNNAAKKEE Tales by 3 tellers: LYN FORD (from Ohio, at Talk Story Festival ‘05) shares a hilarious creation joke/myth. JIM LEWIS (Talk Story Festival ‘95 guest) with 2 tall tales from the Sierra Mountains. The Big Island’s pro teller SANDRA MacLEES tells between Jim’s tales. JEFF GERE hosts.

Ready For Bed

READY FOR BED in songs & tales. JOHNNY MOSES tells the BEAR & ANT (Northwest traditional tale, why days are so long (and short). The Big Island’s JACK BOYLE reads his poems “Marina Of The Wash-Me Sea,” “Johnny Jump-Up,” and “The Yawn” throughout. MAKIA MALO (Kalaupapa, Molokai) tells his “Babby Bottle” tale. ANGELA LLOYD sings “Baby Southwind” and, ending the show, “Bye ‘n Bye.” JAMES McCARTHY tells of his “Sleep-walking Brother.” JEFF GERE hosts.

Kids Fear New Pig Snips

Four FEARSOME KID Tales called NEW PIG SNIPS. Huh? After 5th grader John Sahne’s family scarey, ETHNOHTEC (awesome duet from San Francisco,) tell ‘The New Ghost’ (NEW). BRET FETZER shares his odd original fairytale, The Romantic Pig (PIG), and MARGARET READ MacDONALD shares the eerie folktale of SNIP SNIP. JEFF GERE hosts.

Death International

INTERNATIONAL TALES of DEATH. ANGELA LLOYD recites the Carl Sandburg poem, ‘The Junk Man’. BRENDA WONG-AOKI (with musical score by MARK IZU, tells ‘Monkey Defeats Death’. Slam poet LUMENZ 1 scores & raps his ‘Mortuary Rhyme’. A gorgeous few lines by TOM WAITS leads into JOEL BEN IZZY’s tell of ‘King Solomon & Death’. Big Island pro SANDRA MacLEES closes with the epic ‘Egyptian Journey of the Soul Into Death’. JEFF GERE hosts.

Peace Tales by MacDonald

FIVE PEACE TALES collected & written by MARGARET READ MacDONALD in her book PEACE TALES. They are told by Ms. MacDONALD herself and the Big IslandÂ’s JACK BOYLE at the Talk Story Festival 2003. Hosted by JEFF GERE.

Sweet Earth

Gorgeous SWEET EARTH Tales shared by 5 storytellers. BARBARA STEVENS-NEWCOMB shares a Central American tale, ‘The Woman Who Outshone the Sun.’ DAVID NOVAK tells a brief parable. RAFE MARTIN shares a trilogy of short true experiences of grace. Kupuna MARIE SOLOMON (Hawi, Big Island) tells of ‘Healing Aunt Nancy’. Finally, NONA BEAMER tells ‘The Golden Lehua Tree,’ music by her son, Keola Beamer. Hosted by JEFF GERE.

Two Miraculous Fish

TWO MIRACULOUS FISH Tales. BRET FETZER (Seattle, Washington) tells his macabre, fascinating original fairy tale, ‘The Elegant Fish’ at the Talk Story Festival 2001. ALTON CHUNG (Portland, Oregon) follows with the Japanese folk tale, ‘Koji The Priest’ (who painted fish). JEFF GERE hosts .

Love is Sacrifice

3 tales of LOVE’S SACRIFICE. ‘I’m Hungry,’ a Marshall Islanders tale told by Dan Kelin. Will Hornyak (Portland, Oregon) tells the ‘Yakama Salmon & Rattlesnake’ tale, and Alton Chung tells the Korean story of ‘The Pheasants Bell’ with Les Adam on piano. JEFF GERE hosts.

Breaking news:

Jeff Gere will receive the 2007 Oracle Award for Service in the Western Region from the National Storytelling Network in St. Louis at the National Storytelling Conference! Also, his CD, RANK DEVIL MOUNTAIN, received ‘HONORS’ as an ‘Outstanding Storytelling Recording’ for 2007 from the national ‘STORYTELLING WORLD’ Resources Project (out of Tennessee). AND Jeff’s website now takes Paypal, so now you can buy his story CDs for $10 each (discounted from $17) online, OR by mailing him a check at PO Box 37495, Honolulu, Hawaii 96837.

FOUR NEW PODCASTS AT THE FEEDBURNER: Maui (Luia Jensen), Mahukona Heiau (Marie Solomon & Jeff Gere with Les Adam), Momotaro (‘Tita’ Kathy Collins & Karen Yamamoto-Hackler), and Beautiful Hawaii (Nona Beamer with Keola Beamer, Hina Kahanu, Jeff Gere with Les Adam, and Dawn Wasson).