Bill Moyers' Speech at the National Conference for Media Reform

Bill Moyers‘ acclaimed speech at the National Conference for Media Reform, Memphis, Tennessee, January 12, 2007, “Life on the Plantation.”

Both a video of the speech on You Tube, and also a transcript of the speech.

“What does today’s media system mean for the notion of the ‘informed public’ cherished by democratic theory? Quite literally, it means that virtually everything the average person sees or hears outside of her own personal communications is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the company’s share price. More insidiously, this small group of elites determines what ordinary people do not see or hear. In-depth news coverage of anything, let alone of the problems people face day-to-day, is as scarce as sex, violence, and voyeurism are pervasive. Successful business model or not, by democratic standards, this is censorship of knowledge by monopolization of the means of information.”