TV Stations with Truthful News!

Posted by Big Dan on November 4, 2006 on Brad Blog.

Well, it sounds like I’m pimping DISH, but I think anybody can get DISH, and the installation and all the equipment is free…and I get every single channel, all the HBO’s, Starz, Cinemax, and Encore. 4 TV’s, it’s one box per 2 TV’s, so they give you 2 boxes for my 4 TV’s. One box has a DVR (Tivo)…you can pause live TV and record anything. I recorded “Hacking Democracy”…and watched it today, ironically. Oh my god was it great! It was all about Bev Harris/

But the thing is, only DISH has LINK TV 9410 & Free Speech TV 9415. Cable doesn’t have either, and DirecTV doesn’t have FSTV, but has LINK TV. So DISH is the thing to get, because the INN Report and Democracy NOW! and Liberty News is on FSTV. LINK TV has Democracy NOW! But both channels are ESSENTIAL TO BEING AN INFORMED CITIZEN OF IMPORTANT NEWS!!! You will be only watching LINK & FSTV. They come with the cheapest basic DISH package, you don’t need a souped-up package to get LINK & FSTV. The basic package is something like $29.99 for about 120 channels, including LINK & FSTV, the most important channels.

They have an offer now, $19.99 for 10 mos, and all the pay channels free for 3 mos. Is that ridiculous?

You Need to get DISH for LINK TV & FSTV, at all costs!!! You saw the INN Report link above, THAT IS WHAT THE REAL NEWS LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!