The Cyber Yenta

I meet Sierra Faith for lunch in Hawaii.

Talk about telecommuting in cyberspace. My dear friend, voice teacher and fellow artist Sierra Faith has invented a new career: Internet dating coach.

“I told the Universe I wanted a ‘jammie job,” she told me over lunch today in Kailua-Kona, “a job I could do in my ‘jammies. This is the easiest and most fun work I’ve ever done. I teach women how to package themselves for online presentation, and I coach them through the email stage, the phone stage, and the meeting-in-person stage to create a relationship inwhich they are cherished. When they hire me, it’s a six week commitment. My clients are getting beautiful results. First I had one client, then she told her friends, and then they told their friends, and now…”

Sierra bases her coaching on the work of psychologist Pat Allen, whose bestselling book Getting to I Do divides courtship behaviors into masculine and feminine, and admonishes people to choose one mode or the other (regardless of their actual gender) and stick with it.

Sierra comes to this work already a licensed practitioner in the Church of Religious Science, several decades as a performance and voice teacher, a year or two writing her first novel and a recent spate of gigs as a writing coach, a lifetime as a professional vocalist, actress, director and dancer, and a passionate dedication for as long as I’ve known her (about twenty years) to spiritual and emotional growth through a variety of practices.

Dating coaches have been a trend for a while,” Sierra told me, “I’ve had some experience with Internet dating, and I realized I could combine that with what I learned about courtship from Pat Allen to make something new.”