Election Fraud Meeting

Painting by the altar of the Venice United Methodist Church

June 27, 2006: Emergency Town Hall Meeting at Venice United Methodist Church to discuss election fraud, specifically that questioned in the San Diego race for the 50th Congressional District (replacing the imprisoned Duke Cunningham) by Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray. Shari Myers organized the event.

A citation for McPherson

The highly hackable Diebold voting machines had been sent home for weeks at a time with the poll workers after their initial training. No background checks were ever performed on the poll workers. Even the scientists hired to investigate claims about the vulnerabilities of the Diebold touchscreen voting machines by California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, who was elected under questionable circumstances and whose startup staff included Diebold executives and Republican Party organizers, yea, even those scientists, recommended that the machines were unfit for use in public elections. So McPherson approved them anyway.

Brad Friedman speaks

Brad Friedman, investigative reporter and creator of the famous political news site Brad Blog, as well as the Brad Show (radio), conducted the meeting. He emphasized the crucial nature of correct counting of the votes to the survival of democracy in our country. He told us that the Diebold has several DCMIA slots inwhich software can be inserted, and that there is no protection against anyone inserting additional software into the machines, and that because of the way the machines are networked, one machine can reprogram all the others in its polling location and they will remain reprogrammed for years to come. He invited up a filmmaker to show a work in progress documenting election investigator Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, interviewing a hapless poll worker who had the Diebold voting machines stacked in her living room.

Mimi Kennedy speaks

Actress Mimi Kennedy, chairman of the Progressive Democrats of America, spoke passionately of her efforts to gather activists and storm the California state legislature in Sacramento with ire over the election fraud rampant since the introduction of the touchscreen voting machines. She said we need money and lawyers to fight these fraudulent election results.

Marcy Winograd speaks

Marcy Winograd, Los Angeles president of Progressive Democrats of America and recently candidate for Congress from California’s 36th District (her candidacy forced incumbent Jane Harman to change her position on bringing home the troops from Iraq) spoke eloquently for voter activism.

Jeeni Criscenzo speaks

Jeeni Criscenzo, a progressive Democrat running for Congress from California’s 49th Congressional District, vowed that if the machines declared her a loser, she would NOT concede, but take it to court. She got a standing ovation.

Judy Alter speaks

Judy Alter, election activist, told stories of polling places and poll workers whose sloppiness of method appalled her.

Mimi Kennedy and Brad Friedman humor us camera-wielding fans after the meeting.

After the speakers, Brad allowed some questions and comments. I was the last to be called upon to speak. I said, “I have had some success with this issue. I am from Hawaii. In August 2003, I began organizing with the Kucinich campaign, and we brought five times the normal number of voters to the Democratic Party caucuses in 2004. As a result, many of us Kucinich organizers were elected as officers in our precincts. As a precinct president, I was obliged to attend the District Council meeting, where I volunteered for the resolution committee. I drafted a resolution to require a paper trail and mandatory surprise audits for all voting methods used in the state of Hawaii. It easily passed in our district, went to the Hawaii County Democratic Party Convention and passed there as well, and then it, and I, went to the Hawaii State Democratic Party Convention in Honolulu. There it was passed by the entire party, and sent, along with all the other resolutions passed by the party, to the state legislature. So, with the weight of the entire state Democratic Party behind it, it was voted into law last year, and Hawaii became the fourth state in the United States to require a paper trail on all methods of voting. The others are New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.”

To sign Brad’s petition against election fraud, click here