Green Music Festival!

As Thom Yorke, front man of Radiohead exulted, “Now THIS is what we call a music festival!”

Sarah van Schagen of Grist, the online environmental newsletter, reported on Bonnaroo, a 4 day, 24-hour-on music festival enjoyed by 80,000 celebrants at a farm in Tennessee, complete with bio-diesel generators and a solar powered stage, performers arriving in bio-diesel-powered vehicles, two professional recycling groups handling the trash and recycling, environmentally correct campgrounds, locally grown organic food for sale in resusable dishes, lots of sustainability education opportunities, and, by all accounts, lots of peace and love.
It’s the realization of the Vision born at the first Woodstock.

Bonnie Raitt, long an environmental activist, headlined as well. “I’m a musician,” Raitt said, “but I live [on this planet] and breathe this air, and I eat this food, and I don’t wanna contribute in my lifestyle to not making things better.” She named sustainability “the issue of our time,” and offered hope to the large crowd of listeners. “The seeds of change are really already creating a groundswell of movement for protecting the environment and switching to a different way of looking at our place in the world and on our planet,” she said.

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