Hot Eldercare Tips

I learned a lot this evening reading the online newsletters of Barbara Friesner, who teaches classes at Cornell University, and gives workshops elsewhere, on eldercare. That’s the hot topic right now among us baby boomers. (I told that to my mom when she was reminiscing about how, in the ‘50’s, she and her friends obsessed about how to raise kids, and we laughed.)

If eldercare is a hot topic for you, check out Barbara Friesner’s website, and read some of her newsletters. My favorites were: Tips For Getting Eldercare – And Your Life – Under Control, Six Tips To Emptying Your Aging Loved One’s House, Eldercare and the Home Office: Making it Work, and How To Avoid The “Vicky-D Iceberg.”

What, pray tell, is a Vicky D?

Ms. Friesner explains that our octogenarian others’ defining experience was the Great Depression (that’s the D) and that it reenforced their parents’ Victorian values—that men do the business and handle the money, and women care for the home and the family. Therefore, even though their daughters may have business careers, many Vicky D parents expect their daughters to care for them with nary a thank you, and will turn only to their sons when making business decisions.

It’s as if the ‘sixties never happened.