Hope Springs Anew

Alicia at March 19, 2005 peace march in LA

“It’s true that any talk of hope is dismissed as naïve, but that’s because we tend to look at the surface of things at any given time. And the surface almost always looks grim. The charge of naïvete also comes from a loss of historical perspective. History shows that what is considered naïve in one decade becomes reality in another.

“How much hope was there for black people in the South in the fifties? At the start of the Vietnam War, anyone who thought the monster war machine could be stopped seemed naïve. When I was in South Africa in 1982, and apartheid was fully entrenched, it seemed naïve to think that it would be dissolved and even more naïve to think that Mandela would become president. But in all those cases, anyone looking under the surface would have seen currents of potential change bubbling and growing.”

Howard Zinn, in a recent interview in Tikkun Magazine

Just scanning the news on Buzzflash, there are multiple links to mainstream media showing the public has had enough of the neocons, the Repugnants and the Dem Party apologists:

ABC polls showing most people don’t want Bush, but they don’t see the Democrats in Congress and the Senate as offering a substantially different approach

Even See B.S. runs an opinion that Bush is, like, so over.

2004 election-fraud-perpetrating Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell gets his just desserts.