Natural Breast Cancer Prevention

Can one prevent breast cancer with movement, breathing and massage?

I read this website, and the ideas in it made perfect sense to me. Our breasts are drained of cell wastes by lymph ducts into the lymph nodes under the arm. If the lymph is prevented from flowing to the lymph nodes (say, by elastic straps of a brassiere?), the cell wastes and their toxins remain in the breast. When a living cell is subjected to toxins long enough, it must either mutate or die.

If the toxins collected in the lymph nodes are not excreted in sweat (perhaps because the person is wearing an anti-perspirant, as opposed to a deoderant, which does not prevent sweat from being excreted), another stagnant pool of toxins can accrue.

Certainly none of the suggestions on this site could be harmful. Deep breathing to reduce stress works for everyone. The arm exercises look like part of a tai chi routine. Breast self-massage is part of the standard self-examination taught by clinics world wide, although this one focuses on moving the lymph in the direction it should be going. The energy work described here is acupressure, working the points and meridians that cross the chest. Nothing very time consuming or complicated and nothing to buy. What is there to lose?