Free 9/11 Truth DVDs!

In case you have not received this notice yet, this semi-retired “Doc” from Arkansas will send DVDs to you absolutely free. See his message below.

Hi, I am still producing DVDs as fast as I can and sending them out at the same rate. Many of you have already recieved a package. I still like ” Loose Change II ” and Steven E. Jones at UVSC. One is dramatic; the other is objective and didactic. I am still sending them out for free. All that I ask is that they get into the hands of people that will watch them. I presented copies to my US senator today and spent thirty minutes with his primary aide explaining our cause. He had never heard of WTC 7, but he has now. These DVDs are the seeds of our revolution. Let’s keep planting them.

When requesting DVDs, please specify what and how many you can reasonably give away. Also, please remember to give me a street address or POB so that I have a place to send them. Let’s keep on rollin’. Tom Tvedten MD;; 870-866-3664 If you want a stack, just let me know and I will get them out to you ASAP.