No More Nightmares

I grew up in a violent household, and I am still, at 56, working on healing myself from post traumatic stress disorder. I used to have nightmares, and I would delay going to sleep at night because I was afraid of what I would dream. Lack of sleep debilitated my immune system, and it was a long standing chronic low-level malaise that brought me to naturopath Jacqueline Hahn, in Hilo, Hawaii, in September 2004.

Jackie prescribed an herbal remedy that I’ve been using since then. I’ve stopped having nightmares, starting sleeping longer and earlier, and have enjoyed the expected benefits in my overall wellbeing. I will share the remedy here, assuming there are others who might also find it useful:

In a half cup of pure water, I add five drops each of the following tinctures or glycerites (tinctures are herbal extracts in an alcohol base, while glycerites are herbal extracts in a non-alcoholic, glycerine base):
Passionflower vine, scullcap, and California poppy (all soporifics)
Blue Vervain (nervine and fever-reducing agent)
St. John’s wort (a mood elevator)

I sweeten the mixture with a few drops of stevia extract, stir it around and drink it thirty minutes before I sleep.

St. John’s wort is not recommended for those under medication for bi-polar disorder.