Voter Verified Auditable Paper Trail

The last hope for a democracy in the USA is now before Congress for the second time. Originally introduced in May 2003 by Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (then H.R. 2237, now H.R. 550) demanded a voter verified paper receipt, so that the voter would know that the voting machine had counted his or her vote truthfully, and that there would be an auditable paper trail available after the election, indeed, that surprise audits would be conducted.

The bill was killed in the Republican-dominated House Committee on House Administration, which reviews bills regarding election laws, and, sure enough, election fraud was rampant in 2004. The exit polls, which had always been an accurate prediction of the outcome of a presidential election until 2000, were off by 5% in 2004. According to the exit polls, Kerry should have had a substantial victory.

Did you read the Brad blog article on Clint Curtis who signed a sworn affidavit before a congressional committee that he was paid to create a voter mis-counting program by Jeb Bush’s former running mate Tom Feeney?

The Washington Post recently published that chart that had been circulating on the Internet for a few years:  a comparison of the security of Las Vegas slot machines versus Diebold voting machines. 

On February 2, 2005, Representative Holt again proposed the bill, this time H.R. 550, and quickly garnered over 160 co-sponsors, both Republican and Democrat. I am pleased to know that both of my Hawaii Representatives, Neil Abercrombie and Ed Case, signed on as co-sponsors on the first day. However, there are hundreds of other House members that have not offered to support this bill yet, and I urge you to contact your Representative if he or she is not on the co-sponsor list. You can easily find his or her email, fax number and phone numbers on the House of Representatives website.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Black Box Voting website, the Verified Voting website, and the Brad Blog. The corporate owned news services certainly won’t be mentioning it.

Breaking news:  In California, the Diebold voting machines have been quietly approved by a Republican appointee.