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So, who is Alicia Bay Laurel?  What does she do, anyway? 

I currently tour as a singer/songwriter/guitarist/storyteller, with seven critically acclaimed, self-produced music CDs, one all-original psych folk, one Hawaiian (half original, half historic), one jazz/blues (10 original and 2 standards), one Americana/world music (eleven songs and medleys, of which I wrote two), one of solo instrumental guitar medleys (Americana, blues, psych folk, protest songs and Hawaiian songs), one remastered 1973 archival recording of Ramon Sender Barayon and me performing our original music from our collaborative book, Being of the Sun, and a second all-original album of mostly psych folk, with some swing tunes and blues waltzes for extra color. 

My first book, Living on the Earth, is a reference book on how to make all the basics from scratch, and also on utopian commune life in the late ‘60s (college libraries stock it). It’s a seminal book design with a recognizable (and much imitated) illustration style. First published in 1970, it’s still in print in English and Japanese. In 2012 it was chosen as one of the 101 most influential American cookbooks of the 20th century. (http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/101ClassicCookbooks). The illustrations continue to appear on fashion and other merchandise from Japan. https://www.facebook.com/IndigoWithStarsInc. It's about living joyously without a lot of money and consumer goods, which means also preserving the environment, living close to nature, and sharing with people.

I have cartons of new condition books, and I will inscribe one for you (or any other person you request) and mail within the USA, all for a mere $20 (more for overseas addresses). My Paypal addie is indigowithstarsinc (at) gmail (dot) com. Reviews and page examples here: http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/LOTEreviewslongago and here: http://www.aliciabaylaurel.com/LOTEreviewsrecent

I've illustrated nine other books, five of which I also wrote or co-wrote.  I'm planning on creating more books in the years to come.

This site is about my art, music, writing, tours, friends, projects, and activism. Just below is a list of available books, CDs and other luscious Alicia originals for sale, and below that, a blog including my tour diary, healthful recipes, lots of political and environmental heads-ups, and lots of arts and lifestyle articles, in no particular order.

In the upper left corner of the site is a menu with quick links to my press kit (bio, high res photo, press releases). I am working on the getting the online store and shopping cart up again.  For now, just email me through the "Contact" link above if you'd like to buy any of the items below.

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The Alicia Bay Laurel Store

Peace Girl Poster 11" x 17" $20 plus $5 shipping in a tube (shipping charge for USA, please email me for postage amount to other countries.)


If you use Facebook, please visit the Alicia Online Store at Indigo With Stars, Inc.’s page, which has dozens of items, and takes credit cards as well as Paypal payments.

Otherwise: EMAIL ME FROM THE "CONTACT" BUTTON ABOVE AND I WILL SEND YOU THE PAYPAL AND SNAIL MAIL OPTIONS FOR PAYMENT.  I will also tell you the shipping charges (please include your shipping address so I can calculate this).  Most of my shipments go by US Priority Mail, but, if you require EXPRESS MAIL, UPS, FEDEX and/or SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA, please tell me and I will calculate the costs.


INSCRIPTION: Autographing of all items is FREE.  Please tell me to whom, if anyone, you'd like the item inscribed.


Living on the Earth, beautiful new 4th edition, (2003) $19 Read reviews.

Living on the Earth, 30th anniversary edition (2000), $15 Read Reviews.

Written, illustrated and designed by Alicia Bay Laurel in 1969, and a New York Times Bestseller List (spring 1971), Living on the Earth is an encyclopedia of back-to-the-land living skills created while Alicia was living at Wheeler Ranch, a hippie commune in Sonoma County, California.  In 2012, Living on the Earth was selected as one of the 101 most influential American cookbooks of the 20th century by the Fales Library of New York University, and included in their compilation of these cookbooks, titled 101 Classic Cookbooks - 501 Classic Recipes

Being of the Sun, co-written by Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramon Sender, illustrated and designed by Alicia Bay Laurel, mint condition first edition, signed by BOTH authors! (1973) $200.  Being of the Sun has been re-published in Japanese as of March 2007!  This book orignally appeared as the spiritual sequel and companion to Living on the Earth.  It's about creating your own personal religion, using elements from previously existing spiritual paths as well as your own direct connection to the divine.  Ramon Sender, one of the pioneers of avant garde music, shares his insights on music and spirituality, and he created sheet music for some of the songs in Music From Living on the Earth, plus a number of his own spiritual and nature chants.

The Earth Mass, mint condition, first edition, and signed to you by the illustrator/designer! (1973) $50. A nature worship version of the Catholic mass, written by renowned poet/playwright/former Catholic priest Joe Pintauro, designed and richly illustrated on every page by Alicia Bay Laurel. Blessings, Ceremonies, Counter-phobic Incantations, Rituals, Recipes for Ceremonial Foods. Wiccans and Pagans will delight! "An oldie, hard to find, and worth its weight in emeralds." Dama, Onelist.com

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest: A New Age Version, by Michael Fleck, illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel, mint condition first edition (1978) $35.  A mulit-media theatre piece created by Michael Fleck and presented in 1976 by the Maui Community Theatre, using Shakespeare's masterpiece as a vehicle to dramatize the battle between Industry and Environmentalism.  The cover drawing originally graced the cover of the program notes for the piece, and later Alicia drew a dozen illustrations for the publication of the script.  I only have 11 left of this book, now, and all are inscribed both by the author and by me.

Music CDs:

All 7 of my CDs are easy to order or download from CD Baby!  Here's a page with a complete list.

Music From Living on the Earth (all original psych folk, solo vocal/guitar) $15.  An Album Pick on All Music.com. You can buy individual tracks on Apple iTunes here.  Or from Great Indie Music hereRead reviews.

Living in Hawaii Style (historic and original Hawaiian songs, slack key, hula & jazz) $15.  Played on KAPA Radio in Hawaii, Ports of Paradise in California, and Aloha Joe's on the Internet. You can buy individual tracks from this CD on Apple iTunes here. Or from Great Indie Music hereRead reviews.

Lei Ishii likes ABL songs


What Living’s All About (jazz, blues, & gospel, 10 original, 2 standards) $15.  An Editor's Pick in the May 2007 Issue of Performing Songwriter Magazine and also in 2006 by London's eJazzNews.com. Featured on Radio Free Phoenix. You can buy individual tracks from this CD on Apple iTunes here.  Or from Great Indie Music here. Read reviews. Read listener comments.

Beyond Living cover for web.jpg

Beyond Living: Fingerpicked Ruminations on the Hereafter and Its Messengers Americana, folk and world music songs about the mystery of death and the miracle of love. Relaxing, joyous, spiritually uplifting music, including two original songs by Alicia Bay Laurel, two songs by Japan’s legendary singer/songwriter Donto (one translated into Hawaiian by Kaliko Beamer-Trapp), an original song each by two of Alicia’s singer/songwriter friends since their commune days, Joe Dolce and Steve McGee, two songs by Auntie Nona Beamer as part of Alicia’s tribute to her, a Hawaiian chant composed and performed by Reid Kapo Ku, and lots of wonderful Hawaiian slack key guitar performed by James Kimo West. Featured on Radio Free Phoenix. You can buy it from CD Baby here. Or on Apple iTunes here. Or email Alicia at the link at the top of this page and buy one directly from her for $15 plus shipping and handling, inscribed to you by Alicia. Read listener comments.

Matted Art Prints:

Zephyr (double matte, fits in a standard 16” x 20” frame) $35 plus shipping

Fun and Games:

Feeling Good-box front.jpg

My four-decade friend Gloria Blum, besides being the Janice Joplin of klezmer, spent a great portion of her life teaching self-esteem to young people with serious disabilities.  She realized that there are certain questions people enjoy answering, and the process of coming up with an answer fosters self-esteem.  So, she made flash cards of these questions for her work with the kids.  The kids enjoyed it and grew from it, which made the game popular with other professionals in her field.  Eventually people outside of her work began requesting the cards from her.  For the second edition of her cards, she commissioned a set of color drawings from me for the box and for the backs of the cards.  I am happy to be offering the cards from my website.  They cost $15 per set, plus shipping and handling, which is $5 inside the USA and $8 elsewhere.  To order them, please email me from the "Contact" link at the top of the page.  You can pay via Paypal or send me a postal money order.


Living on the Earth t-shirt (organic cotton, size XL only) SALE $10

Easy to make into a kewl little dress:

Cut a neckline and trim the sleeves.

Use the sleeve fabric to make a waist tie in the back.  Made and modeled by Hisae, who works at Kurkku Arts and Environmental Center in Tokyo.

LOTE t-shirt maternity gwendolyn.jpg

Legendary songstress Gwendolyn found that the Living on the Earth t-shirt makes an exemplary maternity frock.

Jeanine Austin in LOTE t-shirt.jpg

Jeanine Austin, PhD, life coach and hypnotherapist wears her Living on the Earth t-shirt at the Living on the Earth Celebration presented by Phoenix Body Mind and Soul at the Arizona Biltmore, May 8, 2010.

Erik Frye wears LOTE t-shirt 2014

Erik Frye, Alicia's consultant on the Living on the Earth update for the 30th Anniversary Edition (Random House, 2000),  and sustainable technology and agriculture genius at the Real Goods headquarters in Mendocino County, California.


06-09-15-Japan-Shibuya-Orie Ishii in her remade LOTE t-shirt

Organic/vegan chef Orie Ishii in her remodeled Living on the Earth t-shirt.

Videos, plus a magazine article with photos, all by Hikaru Hamada during my summer 2015 Japan tour

Alicia portrait by Hikaru Hamada 2015

Kaorico Ago Wada's portrait of Alicia Bay Laurel at Cafe Millet, near Kyoto, on June 13, 2015.

Here's a link to Hikaru-san's article and photos in the magazine he founded in the 1970s and has edited since then.

Here's a link to a video he made of my performance at Art Cafe Naksha in Awajishima of a famous old peace song on July 11, 2015.

Here is a link to a video he made of my performance at Modern Ark Pharm Cafe in Kobe of my song Beautiful, Beautiful, June 28, 2015.

Here is a link to a video he made of my performance at Modern Ark Pharm Cafe in Kobe of my song Paisley Days, June 28, 2015.

Many thanks to you, dear Hikaru Hamada!

My Dozen Vegetable Plus Avocado Green Salad Recipe

LOTE salad illustration

 Salad illustration from Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel

(Please insert the words "organically grown" in front of each ingredient. Yes, I know tomatoes and olives are not really vegetables.)

Lettuce (my fave is red lettuce, but whatever you prefer)
Arugula or spinach or dandelion greens or baby sunflower greens
Grated carrots (I'm loving the ones in a variety of colors)
Grated daikon root and/or grated beet
Sliced radishes (also loving the ones in a variety of colors)
Sliced cucumber (usually Persian or hot house)
Sliced and chopped red cabbage
Cilantro leaves (whole) and/or basil leaves (sliced)
Scallions (cut into 1/4 inch pieces)
Sauerkraut (preferably homemade, but packaged is OK)
Pitted olives (I like green, because they don't stain my teeth)
Cherry tomatoes (also love them in a variety of colors)

(Of course, all of the ingredients are optional, depending on what you like and/or can medically tolerate.)

I like to offer a half avocado (Hass, mostly), to each person having the salad. If the avocados are small, I offer a whole one.

Dressing: two parts olive oil to one part freshly squeezed lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar with "the mother"), seasoned with freshly pressed garlic and pink Himalayan salt or sea salt. Sometimes I soak (and remove) a branch of fresh rosemary from my garden in the olive oil before adding the oil to the dressing.

Sometimes I boil, chill in ice water, and then peel, a couple of five-minute (pasture-raised) eggs and slice them into the salad, making it into a one-dish meal. Other times I add cubes of baked tofu or cooked tempeh instead eggs for protein.

Schedule for 2015 Japan Tour

Schedule as of July 13, 2015.  Complete.

06/05 Naot (shoe shop), in Kuramae, Tokyo, book signing for Mille Books’ “Welcome to the World” by Yuko Hirose and illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel, live talk and art show, start at 19:00 http://naot.jp

06/06 Café Slow in Kokubunji, Tokyo, live music, featuring the great traditional Japanese singer Ikue Asazaki, plus Little Eagle fashion exhibition and fashion show, start at 19:00, phone 042-401-8505 http://event.cafeslow.com/?eid=1080760

06/07 Asaba Art Square (private) live music and art workshop in Kanazawa, Yokohama, start at 17:00, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asaba-Art-Square/119204188128611

06/13 Café Millet in Takao, Kyoto, live music, Little Eagle fashion exhibition and fashion show start at 14:00, phone 075-741-3303, http://blog.cafemillet.jp/

06/14 Cacao Magic in Kyoto, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 15:00, phone 075-757-8914, http://www.cacaomagic.com/

06/20 Café Jisouan in Sue, Gifu, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 14:00, phone 0572-65-2010, http://jisouan.blog.fc2.com/

06/21 NAOT Shoe Shop in Nara, live music and gallery show of original drawings from Living on the Earth. Start at 18:00, phone 074-220-6887, http://www.kazenosumika.com/

06/27 (Nepal fundraiser) at Little Eagle Atelier in Nishio, Aichi, live music and fashion exhibition, start at 15:30, phone 0563-53-3393, http://www.little-eagle.net/

06/28 Modern Ark Pharm Cafe in Kobe, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 19:00, phone 078-391-3060, http://www.chronicle.co.jp/shop/shop_MODcafe.html

07/03 Café Unizon in Ginowan, Okinawa, live music with pianist Takuji, and Little Eagle fashion exhibition. Start 19:00 phone 098-896-1060, http://www.cafe-unizon.jp/

07/04 Tenkuu No Cyaya in Tamagusuku, Okinawa, live music with Sachiho Kojima, Yoko Nema and Hiromi Kondo (the Amana band), plus Little Eagle fashion show and fashion exhibition.  Start 17:00, phone 098-948-1227, http://www.ten.hamabenocyaya.com/

07/05 Art workshop at Donto-in, Tamagusuku, Okinawa, start at 01:00, phone 070-5812-9088, https://www.facebook.com/sachiho.kojima

07/08 Mana Natural Café, Naha, Okinawa, live music event with Sachiho Kojima. Start 19:00.

07/11 Art Café Nafsha in Awaji-shima, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 19:00, phone 0799-64-1121, https://www.facebook.com/cafenafsha

07/12 Art & Craft Village in Misaki, Okayama, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 18:00, phone 0867-27-3733, http://arts-craftsvillage.com/

07/16 Manos Garden in Hiroshima, live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 18:30, phone 082-294-5660, http://www.manosgarden.com/

07/17 Urban Research/DOORS in Osaka, live music event. Start 19:30, TALK : 19:30, LIVE : 20:00. Phone 06-6120-3270, http://www.urdoors.com

07/19 Bagus in Wakayama live music, Little Eagle fashion exhibition and fashion show, start at 19:00, 073-444-2559, http://www.wakanoura.com/bagus/

07/24 Kagure in Omotesando, Shibuya, live music and talk, CANCELLED.

07/25 Surfer’s in Zushi live music and hula show with Miho Ogura and her halau (hula troupe), and the Inoue Ohana Band Start at 16:00, end at 20:00, phone 046-870-3307, http://surfers.jp/

07/26 Chikyu-ya (“Earth Café”) in Kunitachi, Tokyo, with the Inoue Ohana Band, plus Miho Ogura and her hula halau. Hawaiian music and dance! Starting at 20:00. Also featuring the band Little Tempo. Phone 042-572-5851, http://chikyuya.info/

07/29 Live music with dinner in Gifu for Murmur Magazine, at Smoke House Warawazu, with Millet Hattori and friends. 18:00 open, 19:00 dinner, 20:00 live music. http://warawazu.yu-yake.com

07/31 Art Gallery Ze 489, Ojino, Mugegawa, Seki-shi, Gifu 501-2602. Phone 0575-46-3878. Open at 18:00, start at 19:00. http://murmurmagazine.com/event-school/#sec01

08/01 Susu (Furniture and furnishings shop) in Setagaya, Tokyo, book signing for Mille Books’ “Welcome to the World” by Yuko Hirose and illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel, live talk and art show, start at 19:00 http://www.susu.co.jp

08/02 Gallery Kan in Fukushima live music and Little Eagle fashion exhibition, start at 18:30, phone 024-932-8756, http://www.gallery-kan.com/

08/04 Under The Light Yoga Studio in Yoyogi, Tokyo. "Instant Book" art workshop at 13:30 and live music event at 18:00. Organized by Rie Kuwahara of RieTreat. Mail@rietreat.com, http://www.rietreat.com/

08/08 Peace Concert at Hiroshima Nagaregawa Church, start at 14:30, phone 082-221-1813, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hiroshima-Nagarekawa-Church/1549946931922363

Alicia's first vinyl LP - Music From Living on the Earth - released in May 2015

05-05-15-AZ-home-back cover of my first vinyl LP

“Music From Living on the Earth,” my first ever vinyl LP arrived today – 5 copies. EM Records, in Osaka, made the LP from my first CD, the one I released in 2000 for my self-made eight-month national tour promoting the 30th anniverary Villard/Random House edition of Living on the Earth. On the back cover is a photo that was taken in 1971 during a New York City book tour for the Vintage/Random House second edition of Living on the Earth. EM Records licensed it from the Associated Press.

05-05-15-AZ-home-cover of my first vinyl LP

I somehow never imagined my music would be recorded on vinyl. During the years that 33 1/3 albums were the standard presentation of singer/songwriters, I was writing lots of songs, but I was not at a professional level as a musician. By the time I felt ready to record, at age 50, the technology had blessedly changed. I could produce my own CDs, instead of hoping to be discovered by a record company. So, I did. I’ve made seven of them, so far. www.cdbaby.com/artist/AliciaBayLaurel

05-05-15-AZ-home-side A of my first vinyl LP

However, I actually WAS discovered by a record company. Koki Emura, the owner/producer of EM Records, saw my first two CDs when I posted them at the CD Baby online indie record store, where he was browsing for new releases. He knew my book, and he knew it was popular in Japan. He bought the two CDs, listened and liked them, and made me an offer. So, they were released with Japanese language covers on them in 2005, and the following year I started doing concerts in Japan, and sold plenty of them for him.

05-05-15-AZ-home-postcard ad for my first vinyl LP

Last year Koki proposed that “Music From Living on the Earth” be released as an LP. And, of course, I agreed. So here it is. A thousand thanks to you, Emura-san!

Borcht Salad for a Hanukkah Latke Party

12-21-14-CA-LA-Lyndia's latkethon-borcht salad

Tomorrow I am going to the Hanukkah latkethon of Lyndia Lowy, my friend-since-we-were-12, who has been frying potato pancakes (and carrot, cauliflower, sweet potato, and zucchini pancakes) for weeks (and freezing them). Usually fifty or more of her best friends show up. Our tradition is that I bring a massive tossed salad of my own recipe, which, because of its similarity of ingredients to borcht soup, I call Borcht Salad.

My feeling is: If everything else on the menu is oily, hot, starchy and golden in color, then the complementary dish should be cool, crunchy, spicy, sweet, sour and deep maroon and purple. And made from organically grown produce. I use a Champion Juicer without the lower screen or plate, so the veggies are quickly shredded by the rotating blades. A food processor with shredding set-up works well, too. The Champion Juicer just makes it, well, juicier. However, it does NOT mince the red onion much at all; that job is best done with a good sharp food prep knife.

Unless I have a huge serving bowl, I like to prepare the vegetables ahead in four equal bagsful, so that the next salad can be quickly put together when the serving dish is empty, or served in four bowls along a banquet table.

Machine grate and divide into four parts in four zipper bags:
3 large beets, peeled and cut into long pieces that will fit into the round hopper of the Champion Juicer.
5 pounds of carrots, scrubbed and tops and tips cut off
3 pounds of daikon radish (optional), scrubbed and tops and tips cut off
1 whole, small red cabbage, with the stem removed, cut into long pieces that will fit into the round hopper of the Champion Juicer.
1 whole, small red onion, peel and top removed, cut in quarters

In 4 separate bags, place:

4 whole red leaf lettuces: each leaf washed and dried in salad spinner, then torn into pieces by hand.

To assemble: pour the contents of one bag of shredded vegetables and one bag of torn lettuce into a large serving bowl and toss with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and black pepper.

How to Make a Lace Snowflake

12-07-11-AZ-home-decorated tree-details

Here’s how an antimacassar (a lace doily, often affixed to the arms and backs of overstuffed chairs, in bygone eras) can be made into a lace ornament for a Christmas tree. At a crafts store, buy a bottle of stiffening agent. Lay some waxed paper on a table, put the antimacassar on top, and paint the stiffening agent on both sides of it. Let it dry on the waxed paper (and wash the stiffening agent out of your brush!) When it’s dry, it will hang perfectly flat. A small paperclip, unbended into an S shape, makes a good hanger for it.

My friend Randy Carnefix explained how these doilies got their peculiar name. A century ago, many men used an oily hair dressing made in Makassar, Indonesia, from coconut or palm fruit oil, perfumed with essential oil of frangipani (plumeria) blossoms. In an effort to protect their appolstered chairs from the greasy heads and fingers of men thus groomed, housekeepers began placing lace or embroidered pieces of cloth on the backs and arms of their chairs. When styles changed, the antimacassars began to show up in thrift shops.  That's where I found the ones hanging on my tree.

Winter Roasted Vegetables

                  Vegetables ready to bake.

Preheat oven to 400 F. I used organic beets, carrots, parsnips, red potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, cleaned and cut in larger-than-bite-sized pieces, arranged on parchment paper that was lightly painted with organic virgin coconut oil (after being placed on a cookie sheet.) Next I brushed the vegetables with more coconut oil, and then placed branches of fresh rosemary around them. In my oven, the baking time was 25 minutes, but yours may cook faster. I tested the vegetables from time to time with a long cooking fork. When tender, they are done! Served them hot, drizzled with organic extra virgin olive oil and a tiny bit of sea salt.

                                 Vegetables after baking.


Cranberry Relish a la Persephone

11-24-11-AZ-home-cranberry pomegranite relish

Thanksgiving recipe:
I invented a new twist on cranberry relish. I mix 8 ounces of thawed whole (organically grown) cranberries and all of the seeds of a fresh (organically grown) pomegranate in a bowl, and pour over them a steaming cup of unsweetened (organicallly grown) cranberry (or pomegranate) juice (sweetened with a couple dropper fulls of stevia glycerite) inwhich a heaping tablespoon of agar flakes have been dissolved (simmer 3 to 5 minutes over a medium flame). One hour in the fridge and it becomes cranberries and pomegranate in aspic.

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